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A graduate of the College for Creative Studies, Julian is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  With over 15 years experience as a concept designer, he has worked with the likes of Mattel Toys, Fox Animation, Disney Imagineering and Sony Computer Entertainment of America to name a few. He felt it was time to pursue his long time dream of starting his own video game studio. PitchBlock Games is the result of that dream. With a love for video games that goes back as far as the Atari 2600, his goal with PitchBlock Games is to design games along that great era  that was the Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 2 with todays graphic quality.


David has been working in the CG industry for close to 12 years. He initially started out working with animation studios in India before branching out and freelancing on his own. Doing so, he has leant his talents to the gaming, animation and collectible industries. He enjoys working with different projects and styles, but is especially passionate about stylized art and characters. He enjoys the challenge of translating 2d concepts into fully realized characters, while keeping the spirit and intention of the artwork. Over the past few years, he has been involved with projects headed by Marvel artist Sanford Greene, animator, Carlos Baena and a number of indie game titles.


Imaginative. Creative. Art school dropout. Art department coordinator for television. Cinema pontificator. Part time super villain that blackmails OTHER super villains to commit crimes in order to fund my unhealthy obsession with shoes. Love odd words, uncomfortable silence and telling people I love that OTHER show Gene Roddenberry created better then Star Trek.

I'm a simple programmer with overly complicated needs, but can be simplified down to figures, shirts, and games. I have countless amount of hours into games, that Steam loves to count. I sit down to stare at an empty project and think: "Why not?" Why not search for an animator to help make a dodge mechanic that hasn't been seen since the PS2 era? Why not create a vertical slice of a 3D brawler in less than week, using prebuilt assets from different projects, and then try to have a story line to challenge a very well known IP? So, why not take a seat and hit play, because it's showtime and we are ready to pass off that controller to you.



Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Paul CruiZe is a product of the world-renown music scene of Detroit, Michigan. Paul’s illustrious career began with a 4-piece group in a garage, and led to him performing and traveling the world with many great artists in R&B, Funk, Jazz Fusion, Blues and Rock bands. In addition to performing, Paul has displayed his skills producing music for industrial films, advertising firms, independent film scores, theatre and album projects. Paul’s extensive experience and deep appreciation for a variety of musical styles and genres, plus his love for gaming, has led him to set his sights on music production for the Video Game Industry. Trust me, you are going to love the soundtrack for Violent Souls!




So who are we you may ask? We are a group of artist, gamers, musicians, hobbyist and even self proclaimed Super Heroes. We are an eclectic bunch who have decided to join forces and to the best of our ability, create cool video games. This was not a random decision but something I believe was meant to be. I personally feel blessed to be in the company of such tremendous talent. We're not a gigantic studio nor do we want to be. Our endeavor is to make games that we want to play. It is our hope as well, that our effort will satisfy others. We may be small in number, but our vision and desire is gigantic! We're always looking for new talent. If you're interested, submit your work and we'll take a look at it. Keep an eye on us. We're about to reveal some great things that we think you'll be interested in seeing.