It is written in the Sacred Scrolls of Elneen: "The skies shall break forth upon mankind and the heavens will be loosed in that day. The earth shall burst and its foundations shall be shaken. As a woman in labor pain, there will be much weeping and wailing in those days."   Scroll 28 Dv7 Vr3


Violent Souls is a new fighting game that has a very unique story and gameplay objective. It is unlike any other fighting game in it's genre. It is a fast paced, combo heavy ladened game, where you fight malevolent forces who are out to destroy and conquer the earth.

The foundations of the earth are on the brink of collapse. Some of the most malevolent creatures in all creation have escaped their prison from the center of the earth. They are the Elgoren. Standing in their way are the gatekeepers who are known as the Arkenon. Who will be the victor in this life or death struggle for all creation.

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