Welcome to the animation section for Violent Souls. Here we will post concept and finish animation as we progress in the development of the game. Although the game will be 3D/2.5D, we want to keep you abreast of every level of production...or at least as much as we can show without revealing full gameplay. With that said, below is some rough 2D animation concepts that we are looking at to show how the  Arkenon Lox, will summon his weapons. Keep an eye out on this section of the website because we plan to show you some really cool concepts and ideas!


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Eshii Blades The word Eshii would be equivalent to our earth term, “spirit.” The Eshii Blades are very powerful weapons. The blades are not sharp, as they are hot. The blades emit a heat that a normal man or woman cannot be in close proximity to, without having their flesh literally seared from their bones. Lox can use them in a pair or as a single extra large blade, which produces very devestating results. This is Lox preferred weapon of choice in battle.
Beree Discs The Beree Discs can be summoned by Lox at anytime. These blade like discs are very sharp and increase Lox speed tremendously. When using them, he has to do so sparingly because they will cause him to fatigue quickly. They are pure energy and are very flexible in their use. At certain levels, they even emit a piercing vibrating sound that can be used both offensively and defensively. During gameplay, his stamina can be increased to wield them for longer periods of time upon completing the story mode and acquiring specific items.
Ascasi Hammers of God They are known as the earth shakers. Upon Lox summoning the Hammers, he remains immobile. All of his concentration is focused on controlling these massive mallets of destruction. They are formed through pieces of the Q’desh Stone that Lox has been bonded with. Because they are fragments of the earth from when it was created, Lox is able to summon them at will no matter where he’s at....as long as he is on earth.