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SHUMA It is written in the Sacred Scrolls of Elneen: “They shall be sent forth into all the realms, The Shuma, who will be the guardians of the gates and watchmen of the realms. They shall deliver justice swiftly and with finality.” Scroll 30 Dv8 Vr8 The Shuma are beings sent throughout the dimensions and realms to be guardians of their region. On earth, they are men and women who are filled with great power and are responsible for the safe keeping of this planet and it’s inhabitants. They have been around since the coming of mankind and yet are unknown to those to whom they have been sent to protect. Originally, they were not “earthborn.” Before the “Great Rain,” when all was one, peace reigned throughout the cosmos. It was at the end of The Great Rain when their function was implemented and their power revealed. The battle that ensued shook all of the heavens, dimensions and realms. It has been a warfare that has lasted many eons. It is now when the times have reached their apex, that a new battle begins and the Shuma are called once again to fulfill their duties as gatekeepers and protectors of this realm.

The world of Violent Souls is vast and interesting. It is within this section of the website, that you will be able to better understand the culture, language and characters that comprise the Violent Souls universe. Violent Souls is the child of our parent game called, Amadikus (pronounced: am-ah-dih-kus) that will be an mmo/action/rpg to follow. Much of the  symbols and imagery that you will discover in Violent Souls is the precursor to Amadikus. We will begin with first explaining the groups and factions that exist in the Violent Souls universe.


In Violent Souls you have 2 main groups that make up our protagonist and antagonist teams. The protagonists are called the Arkenon and the antagonists are called the Elgoren. Below is the description that explains who, what and where these characters and creatures come from. At a later date we will provide a glossary of terms to help guide you through the world of Violent Souls as well. It is our endeavor to keep this section of the website updated as we advance in the development of our game. Enjoy!



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ARKENON The legend of the Arkenon is hidden deep within Antiquities Well* (See glossary of terms). Many say that they were here before the coming of mankind. Others say that they are not of the earth, but they are alien born. Yet still, there are many who do not believe in the existence of the Arkenon. They have altogether become the stuff of man's imagination, many say. But in truth, they do exist. They are men and women who are hidden in plain sight. They are wanderers. They are secret. They are powerful. Men and women who are cut off from the affairs of this world. Men and women who have taken the oath to protect the earth and the inhabitants who dwell here. They are the Shuma or gatekeepers. Empowered by the Q’adesh Stone, they were placed here on earth to guard against the threat of those that would rule mankind. Beings who hate all that men represent and what they truly are. These are the forces that the Arkenon are sworn to protect or die trying. They have laid down their lives to fulfill their oath. The alarm has been sounded and they are ready to rise from the shadows to engage their enemy: they that would enslave and destroy all of mankind. Their enemies who are known as the Elgoren. ELGOREN They are from long ago. In truth, time has no meaning nor relevance to such as these. They were there at the beginning. When the stars could not cease their pangs to consume and gather the debris to circle about and worship them...they were there. When the planets cooled and the waters coalesced and gathered as one...they were there. When the stars exploded and gave birth to their offspring...they were there. They are the princes and the powers: one time rulers of the heavens. For in truth, they are of the number who were participants in the formation of the earth. Then...something happened. The stars collapsed and the heavens wept with inconsolable anguish. The violent tumult shook all of creation, the dimensions and realms. It was here at this specific moment, in the beginning of all things, that creation had an unexpected offspring. They fell like the lightning that flashes in the sky. The foundations of the earth shook with unimaginable agony at their incarceration. The works of their hands have now become their prison and shame is the crown they now must wear for all eternity. The one time rulers of the heavens have been cast down and expelled. That which their hands contributed to create, has now become the master and they the slave. They are the Elgoren.